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The following companies also sell handmade kippot.

handmade Kippot and yarmulkes only:

The following shops focus exclusively on handmade kippot. I have focused only on the smaller scale stores. I have found that when you search handmade kippot online, the top few results are for large clearinghouses. These companies buy bulk crocheted products from China, India, and yes, Israel. They are often not fair trade. I believe in fair trade, and therefore, to err on the side of caution, I have kept this listing to those companies that are clearly making their own products.

wire beaded kippah Byado Kippot has beautifully done wire kippot ranging from about $20 for "off the rack" to $45 for custom orders.
beaded fringe kippah Headcoverings by Devorah is one of my favorites. She has all kinds of lady's head coverings, scarves and kippot. They range from casual denim to fancy enough for weddings. It is really worth looking at her site to see the variety of possibilities... I think I may start wearing a snood, just so I can buy one of hers.
crochet hat style kippah Diaspora girl has some nice crocheted kippot that are lacy and beaded. They cover more of the head than I am used to and look more hat-like because of it. They craftsmanship and materials are high quality. Her prices range between $25 and $32.
plain bukharian style kippah

Visit Mimipremo's Etsy shop for a very simple raw silk bukharian style kippot she only has one in her shop now, priced at $30. But her craftsmanship is lovely and I like the simplicity. Hopefully she will soon carry more.

elaborate sewn yarmulke

Designkippah's Etsy shop has high quality, very cleverly designed sewn kippot. Some are very intricately beaded. Truly worth checking out. She also has Bucharian style kippahs and matching yarmulke and tie sets.

Check out this yarmulke for Hanukkah!

Thomas the Tank engine Yarmulke Rachel's Treasures is an ebay store focusing on hand sewn kippot ranging from $10 (buy it now price) and up. She has a variety of fabrics, including a Thomas the Tank engine kippah my little nephew would love!
Sewn yarmulke Kippot / Yarmulkes by the TALLIT Maven These are handmade sewn kippot. Some are embellished with bows, others with machine embroidery. Prices are not available on the site, you have to contact the company by email.
beaded wire kippah Elegant Kippot has lovely beaded wire kippot. They are priced at $40 with free shipping. You must contact through email to purchase.
beaded crocheted kippah

Kippot Maven's Etsy store only has a small listing so far, but the craftsmanship is gorgeous. These are delicate hand crocheted and beaded kippot.

I hope to see more of her work soon.

If you are looking for the more traditional style kippot you see in synagogues, there are many many sites out there that have what you need. Come back soon for a sample listing of some of these sites.

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